Upgrade your CATAN Board with a Custom 3D Printed Frame Kit
All tiles and pieces stay in place!

With the Unofficial Stabilizer Kit for the CATAN Board Game you can stop tile and piece movement when your friend bumps the table. Even the number circles, settlements, and harbors stay in place! Best of all, you still use all the cardboard resource hex tiles and wooden player pieces that come with Catan out of the box. Everything just fits better with this kit!

Welcome to Cherry Hill Tech. I design custom products that are 3D printed in color. On this website we are primarily featuring my Stabilizer Kit. You can learn more about it here!

If you have a 3D Printer and would like to print the entire kit yourself, you can download all the part files are at https://www.printables.com/model/608108

If you want me to 3D print it for you and mail it to you please order off my Etsy site. You can order a complete 3-4 player or 5-6 player kit at https://www.etsy.com/shop/CherryHillTech

Make sure to watch it in action in the video below!

Learn more by going to the Learn Page. See the Kit in action below in a video!

Key Features:

  • The entire board is connected as one stable frame
  • Player pieces cannot move around
  • Number circles now snap to the center of each tile
  • You can easily reposition harbors tiles
  • You can easily lift and move hex resource game tiles for a new game
  • A beautiful 3D Printed multicolor border surrounds the island

Less obvious features in the video are here:

  • All tile edges are protected from gameplay use wear, including harbors and numbers
  • Drink spills pass underneath the tiles which rest above the table on a frame
  • The board is enlarged and pieces sit between tiles not on them, so gameplay is easier to see visually
  • Intersection non-magnetic clips connect the hex frames and slide on and off for assembly and storage
  • The modular design is expandable and spare parts are available in the shop
  • The robber also has a holder and doesn’t move

Featuring The Four Player Complete Stabilizer Kit

This hex board upgrade has new features to stabilize and protect your game. It securely positions everything, including player pieces, tiles, and even number circles!  Replay setup is easy, and you now have a better view of the gameplay. The Stabilizer Kit is a 3D Printed custom design, uses a unique non-magnetic hex clip system, and includes a multicolor ocean border frame. Four and six player versions are available, as well as a personalized border message for a great gift idea!

The Four Player Complete Stabilizer Kit
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