Ocean Layout Parts Completed!

We are happy to announce that you can now add water hex tiles and multiple islands to your layout along with a border design that works with your existing Stabilizer kit parts. The ocean bundle adds the right amount of parts to enjoy most ocean scenarios for a 4 player game, and can be enlarged with more parts as much as you wish!

Some Ocean Bundle parts, from left to right: land to ocean long water border, ocean to land long water border, ocean hex support, long ocean border, short ocean border

With these new parts one can create ocean scenarios. Here are the parts in the Ocean Bundle:

  • 25 intersection clips
  • 21 ocean hex supports (grooved for positioning ships/roads and center magnet for harbors and sea robber)
  • 24 ocean intersection clips
  • 5 land to ocean long water borders (transitional border that maintains clean visual design style)
  • 5 ocean to land long water borders (transitional border that maintains clean visual design style)
  • 3 short ocean borders
  • 3 long ocean borders
  • 10 ocean harbor holder (magnetic)
  • 1 sea monster robber (magnetic)

Here are photos of the final three new part designs in the Ocean bundle:

Ocean harbor holder (magnetically positions itself, can hold hold various port styles, used only on ocean hexes, not borders)
Ocean intersection clip
Sea monster

Some layout photos will be coming soon to show a full layout of all the parts in an Ocean Bundle + 6 Player Stabilizer Kit. All 3-4 sea scenarios are possible with the parts above except 2, since they require alot more land on one hand, or alot more water on the other, and would add significant price increases to meet.

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