Discover the Unofficial Stabilizer Kit for the CATAN Board Game

This hex board upgrade has new features to stabilize and protect your game. It securely positions everything, including player pieces, tiles, and even number circles! Replay setup is easy, and you now have a better view of the gameplay. The Stabilizer Kit is a 3D Printed custom design, uses a unique non-magnetic hex clip system, and includes a multicolor ocean border frame.

The official game of CATAN is required for the player pieces, tiles, and cards. Although shown in the pictures to demonstrate an accurate fit, no official/retail player pieces or resource hex tiles are included.

1) Secure Gameplay – A hex grid holds everything together so bumps do not affect your game. The board is connected with ‘intersection’ clips that connect the hexes, and grip the the settlement and city pieces. A special feature is that the number circles automatically snap into perfect center position as well! (see the video to see this in action).

2) Protect Your Game – The Stabilizer Kit protects your hex, port, and number tiles from handling wear. No tile edges are exposed and they sit elevated on the frame so drink spills pass beneath. Dimensions are forgiving and do not rub the edges. The older game versions also fit.

3) Easy Replay – You can easily move the tiles and ports around for a new game. The hexes are not attached to the grid frame. Just lift and move them with the help of a small finger slot on the side. Number circles and ports are in protective holders and are easy to grip. Ports can be attached to any border segment, in any configuration. For the hex support grid assembly, the intersection clips slide smoothly on and off.

4) See The Game Better – The expanded design allows you to see everything better. The game pieces sit between the tiles, not on them. A beautiful colored ocean border frames the land. The colors are not painted on, but are entirely 3D printed in solid multicolor!

Ownership of the official CATAN 3-4 player game is required for the 4 Player Stabilizer Kit, which is for the 3-4 player game. Ownership of the 5-6 player official expansion is required for the 6 Player Stabilizer Kit, which is for the 5-6 Player game. If you have any questions, please ask.

In the product pictures please note that several small extra pieces are included. Also shown are custom five sided port pieces to ensure port compatibility with some older game versions that lacked the small five sided ports. There is also a small red dragon, one of our logo icons.

Question – Can I include a personal message on a water border piece?
This is optional. After you add a stabilizer kit to your order, then add the “Message Border” item to your order. This is a custom long water border piece with a personal message from you. The length is a maximum of 32 characters like the example picture. Although 32 usually fits, 26 or so looks better as it is less cramped. The letters are 3D printed and raised a little, in light blue with white on top. Since this an extra part, you do not need it to build the kit, but can choose when you want to show it off as part of the board. I might need to get a new phrase from you if it is something I can’t print.

Question – How is this made?
This product is custom designed with tested design tolerances, and 3D printed by hand with extensive color changes and care on a Prusa MK3S+ Printer. It is 100% Made in the USA and ships from Virginia. Note that 3D printed parts can have small printing artifacts, inconsistencies, and layer lines, but every effort is made to ensure the highest print quality, and the listing photos are exactly what the product looks like. Small magnets are embedded within during the print process: one in each number holder, one in the center of each land hex support, and one in the robber holder. They are not visible and cannot fall out.

Question – How do I store this?
Ideally, between play sessions, you keep the frame grid assembled on your game table or a portable game board. See the customer review photo for an excellent example of a custom wooden game board they made just for this. Alternatively, you can disassemble all the grid parts and store them in a box for the next session. It takes about 5 minutes to assemble the base kit, and about 2 minutes more for the expansion. See the customer review photos showing the six player kit fully assembled for an idea of the size. Also, if a looser fit is desired for a slightly faster assembly, feel free to lightly sand the grooves on the underside of the intersection clips to widen them.

Question – Can this be expanded to oceans and multiple islands?

Yes! See the Ocean page to learn more!

This product is an unofficial product that has not been licensed by CATAN GmbH or CATAN Studio. It has no connection to any of these two entities. Neither CATAN GmbH nor CATAN Studio accepts any responsibilities regarding the product itself or any damage or harm it might cause to the buyer or any third party that gets into contact with the product.

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